Kingdom Jurisdiction: The Believer's Responsibility to Bind, Loose & Seize Spiritual Real Estate from the Kingdom of Darkness

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  • Misunderstanding the real business you’re in as a believer can mean the difference between living a misfocused, impotent life or a focused, fruitful life in God’s kingdom!
    As the god of this world, Satan has jurisdiction over the earth; the planet is his real estate. Every form of evil exists because he boldly walks in his jurisdiction, governing the world by his influence. However, Jesus came to take jurisdiction away from Satan and give jurisdictional authority to the believer. It is the believer’s responsibility to operate in the jurisdiction Christ has delegated by using evangelism to reclaim God’s real estate – the hearts of believers – from the enemy. When jurisdictional authority is exercised, people are freed from sin’s bondage, churches grow, and the kingdom of God advances, seizing territory from the kingdom of darkness. This is why Satan does all he can to distract believers from this powerful responsibility. In this eye-opening, insightful book, Dr. Charles Moody enlightens believers on what jurisdiction is, the jurisdictional battle between the two kingdoms, and how to walk in jurisdictional authority. After reading it, the way you view your kingdom assignment will never be the same.