Ecological Lynching Book

Ecological Lynching Book

Dr. Charles A. Moody Jr.

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Each day in America, news headlines report the endless list of hardships that plague certain communities, classes, and people of color: poverty, disproportionate rates of disease, low educational attainment, welfare, high crime, violence, and widespread engagement in self-destructive behaviors.

However, are these communities set on destroying themselves, or are their conditions a result of invisible, yet real, external forces actively working against them? Could institutional power brokers be at work, manufacturing these environments to systematically destroy whole communities?

In this eye-opening book, Dr. Charles Moody argues that there are systems and institutions that intentionally manipulate select environments across the country to slowly, subtly, and systematically affect their health outcomes and ultimately cut their lives short

Ecological Lynching: Finally--a book is written that unveils the “Wizard(s)” that are behind the scenes, pulling the strings that are systematically destroying whole communities of minority people. You will be awed, shocked and challenged--all at the same time!